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We offer video conferencing terminals Cisco and Polycom, which provide video communication of the highest HD quality (1080p @ 60).

Our portfolio is devices designed for various types of workspaces and end users – from advanced group terminals to conference rooms, to simple all-in-one terminals for small spaces, desktop terminals, video phones, as well as applications for mobile devices (tablets, smartphones).

These systems also allow sharing documents in high-quality HD (up to 1080p @ 60), integration with groupware tools and Unified Communication platforms.

We have high competences in designing various meeting rooms / spaces. When designing the room, we make sure that the video meeting is as effective, easy and as close as possible to a natural face-to-face meeting.

Video terminals is an ideal solution for meeting geographically dispersed working groups at a distance. For data transfer, the devices use the H.323 standard, which allows you to control delays when sending data in real time.


The intuitive user interface on each device guarantees easy operation

Highest level of AES 128 bit encryption. (security through encryption)

Advanced HD audio and video – everyone can see and hear as if they were in the same room

Integration with external audio-video infrastructure allows to tailor the product to your specific needs

Advanced solutions to streamline the meeting


  • auto-framing of the person speaking
  • wireless sharing of materials
  • transferring an ongoing conversation to mobile devices and vice versa
  • adding next pages with one click 

Where will the video terminal work?

Using video communication improves access to remote experts, shortens the time to reach the market, improves the conflict resolution process, streamlines cooperation with business partners.

Education. Conducting remote lectures and trainings

Administration. Communication in crisis situations, briefing, management of subordinate units

Medicine. Live consultations with remote specialists during operations, training for adepts

Banking and insurance. Communication between branches, video consultations for clients

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