Constant contact with employees in motion

  • Are key employees for maintaining your business often in motion, and the coverage of the GSM network is not enough everywhere to have constant contact with tchem?
  • Do you need reliable and secure communication with them at any time?
  • Do you need to precisely locate your employees in crisis situations?
  • Do you want to be sure that messages sent to your mobile employees will surely reach tchem?

If any of the above questions is important to you, the DECT wireless communication system can be the solution for you.

It consists of DECT base stations whose location within the company will ensure coverage with a radio signal anywhere in your plant.

Thanks to this, communication with DECT system users will always be available, and the DECT system will provide reliable and secure contact with your mobile Staff.

DECT – additional services

The DECT solution can provide access to such services as:
The wireless communication system will provide:

Location of DECT subscribers

Fast, secure, reliable contact with mobile staff at the plant / company

Emergency messaging for DECT telephones

Personal protection of mobile personnel in crisis situations

Personal safety of personnel – alarming by mobile personnel in the event of life or health hazards and automatic initiation of an alarm in case of loss of consciousness by an employee

Management in emergency situations by notification along with acknowledgment of receipt of emergency messages

Where does DECT work?

DECT wireless communication systems are ideal for:

Industrial plants for technical staff responsible for the maintenance of production lines on the move

Hospitals and health centers for medical personnel

Hotels and holiday centers for technical staff and hotel guests

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