Collecting and correlating information related to security in order to detect an attack

We are currently observing an avalanche increase in the number and types of attacks on IT systems. Preventive solutions are not always able to protect us from all threats. With this knowledge we have to accept the fact that the attacks do pass through our collateral. In order to meet the existing threats, detection systems were created, including SIEM class solutions. Collect information from many sources, including logs, flows, packages and correlates. Solutions of this type are able to detect an attack during its lifetime. Because of that, you can minimize the effects that arose after such an attack.

The advantages of SIEM solutions:

Wide possibilities of integration with other systems, e.g. PAM, Endpoint Security, vulnerability scanners, etc.
Possibility of collecting and correlating information from many sources: logs, flows, packages
Wide possibilities of integration with other systems, e.g. PAM, Endpoint Security, vulnerability scanners, etc.
Access to information and correlation rules developed by the producer
Minimizing the negative effects of an attack

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