The maximum use of smartphone capabilities in the company

Modern Unified Communications systems are characterized by the possibility of integration with all available communication media.

Mobile applications for smartphones or tablets enable integration with the system at an unprecedented level.

These are not mobile phones registered as internal numbers of the headquarters, but fully autonomous applications that smartphones use as a transmission medium with fully integrate with tchem.


Audio-video-chat communication directly from the smartphone and tablet

The ability to reduce the cost of mobile calls (the application communicates using the internet)

One number for all devices (landline telephone, PC application, smartphone application)

Additional functions like chat or statuses

High connection security thanks to point-to-point encryption

Dzięki integracji z Outlookiem, możliwość śledzenia aktualnej dostępności pracownika (statusy),
Integration with Active Directory easy access to the company’s phone book

Example of use:

Mobile applications give access to all functionalities of Unified Communications systems, facilitate communication with colleagues and remote work. Voice applications, like video applications, are a practical solution enabling efficient contact using a smartphone or tablet.

These solutions are equally good in small enterprises – where cost control and the greatest efficiency of ICT solutions are important – as well as in large companies, where the rapid flow of information or the possibility of communication with the employee is crucial.

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